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DHTK Tee Shirts and Apparel Brands: Dont Hate The King, REPRE23NT and GAM30VER. Designs inspired by kings and athletes alike. You Don’t have to be a king to dress like one. Join the movement of fashion designs inspired be the great athletes of today and the past. Our high quality manufactured apparel in perfect for the gym, the court or lounging around the house or by the pool. No matter who your favorite teams are, you can find inspiration from all we REPRE23NT, and our latest brand, GAM30VER, glorifies the lethalness of the three pointer. We are always expanding and try to keep ahead of the trends. Join the movement, rep our gear, post to our blogs, like us on Facebook and engage with us on Instagram. Show your love for sports the best way you can, in every season for any occasion. Stock up while out limited supplies last.

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